We work with small business owners.

We work with small business owners.

We work with marketing and creative groups.

We work with marketing and creative groups.

Let's add some weight to <i>your</i> brand.

Let's add some weight to your brand.


For the Small Business Owner

We’re in this together. At Pound Design, our philosophy is simple; your success ensures our own. Pound provides small businesses with customer-centric and affordable design. As fellow small business owners, we understand the passion you have for your business’ success. That’s why we pour our heart and soul into every project to ensure your business receives the credibility it deserves. From logo creation and advertising to web development and social media integration, let’s work together to add some weight to your brand.

For the Marketing & Creative Groups

We’re here to help you win business. If your team is strapped for resources to meet your project deadline, we’re prepared to help. We offer conceptual, design and production services and have a wide-ranging creative portfolio that spans hi-tech, consumer, packaged goods and non-profit. Whether your developing a new integrated creative campaign or need help with the design of an email template, we can scale to meet the needs of your organization. We’re here to listen and cutting through the clutter is the name of the game. Let’s work together to add some weight to your brand.

  • Kevin Pease

  • Co-Founder, Designer, Developer

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About:  Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Kevin caught his first glimpse of Austin during his band’s 2002 SXSW showcase. It was love at first sight and he knew he was going back. He packed his bags after completing his Marketing/Art degree from the University of Memphis and started the next chapter in the Live Capital of the World. Kevin sharpened his creative and development skills during his time in National Instruments’ Corporate Design Group. After 6 years of juggling late-night freelance and day job, Kevin pursued Pound full-time in 2010.

What he brings to the table:  Kevin is the big idea guy. No creative idea is too far out there. Whether its design, music, or apps, Kevin is always thinking about the next brilliant idea. He believes that if you dream big and pay attention to the details, anything is possible.

Off the clock:  When not obsessing over logo marks, Kevin stays active in Austin’s music scene, producing music and playing guitar. His current band is Blacknoise Past bands include Aviateur and Sevonica. Kevin is also a self-proclaimed foodie, beer snob, and futurist.

  • Justin Parra

  • Co-Founder, Designer

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About:  Justin spent his childhood in small town Harlingen, Texas. From sketching WWII battle scenes during church service, to printing new B&W techniques in high-school photography, Justin was always exploring his creative side. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning a degree in Communication Studies, minoring in Business. Justin spent several years honing his design skills as a visual designer for National Instruments’ Corporate Design Group. He pursued Pound Design full-time in 2011 and hasn’t looked back.

What he brings to the table:  Justin never shys away from a good creative challenge. He can’t help but try poking holes in ideas, only to go back and figure out how to fill them. Pragmatic in nature, Justin hesitates moving forward on a project until all bases are covered.

Off the clock:  Justin has his hands full playing husband and father. He can’t get enough time laughing with his wife, Tara and daughter, Olivia. Justin is also not afraid to admit he owns two dachshunds by the names of Stretch and Marley.


Brand Bulk Package

Our most popular small business service includes the following collateral at a package price: Logo Design, Website Design, Paper Identity System, and a Promotional Design of choice.

Logo Design or Refresh

Our favorite design challenge – the logo. Let us obsess over a logo for you. You won’t regret it. 

Website Design or Refresh

Let us create a custom website for you. We focus on providing clean, modern design, intuitive navigation and that “wow” factor. 

E-Commerce / Online Store
We understand many small businesses don’t have the capital to open a physical storefront. We can help sell your goods and services online.

Social Media Integration
This should arguably be the most important aspect of your business. We’ll define a solution that best fits your business needs. 
Paper Identity System
Print isn’t dead yet. We are here to provide the basic necessities all small businesses need including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.
E-Proposal & Invoice Solution
A completely custom, online quote/proposal, invoicing, and payment solution that’s actually fun to use. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!
Promotional Design
From direct mail and flyers to vehicle wraps and custom merchandise; if you want to promote it, we’ll help you shout it.



  • Marquis ID Systems

    Marquis ID Systems


  • Shoreline



  • ESC Society

    ESC Society


  • Cote & Gonzalez

    Cote & Gonzalez


  • Double Toasted

    Double Toasted

    Logo, Website

  • Concord Limousine Service

    Concord Limousine Service


  • Rocca Custom Homes

    Rocca Custom Homes


  • OnAir Development

    OnAir Development


  • Structure Development

    Structure Development


  • Rusty Spokes

    Rusty Spokes


  • McNutt Gallery

    McNutt Gallery


  • Innovative Bracing Concepts

    Innovative Bracing Concepts


  • Skin by Rachel

    Skin by Rachel

    Logo, Website

  • Icons of Wrestling Art Project

    Icons of Wrestling Art Project


  • Batch 206 Distillery

    Batch 206 Distillery


  • DependOne



  • McNutt Art

    McNutt Art


  • ATX Bail Bonds

    ATX Bail Bonds

    Logo, Website

  • Mixtape Marketing

    Mixtape Marketing


  • Granddaddy’s Sweet Southern Heat

    Granddaddy’s Sweet Southern Heat


  • SolarWinds



  • Jive Software

    Jive Software


  • National Instruments

    National Instruments



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